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Our Policies

Ordering Changes and Skip Weeks

One of the great things about FreshFix is that it's flexible and you can skip any week you want and not have to pay for it.  It is important to know that unless you tell us you want to skip a week, we will assume you want to receive a delivery and will debit your account on Monday morning prior to Wednesday delivery.  All skips and order changes must be submitted by Sunday at 9 pm. As we start preparing your box as soon as we get the payment, we cannot refund your payment if you decide to skip after Sunday.  If you forgot to skip and do not have a friend or family member who is able to take your box, we are happy to donate it for you.

Produce Credits

We want you to be completely satisfied with all the food you receive from FreshFix.  While we are unable to offer refunds on items which you purchased, we are happy to give you a credit for any product that was rotten, spoiled or otherwise inedible.  Just login to your member account and select the orders/recipes tab.  Click on the order that you had an issue with and your order will pop-up.  At the top there is an option to select a credit for the item you had an issue with.

Delivery Concerns

We offer home delivery and while you don't need to be home to receive your box, it's up to you to decide how comfortable you feel with leaving your box outside.  If you have had problems with deliveries in the past, we are happy to deliver to a back or side door or place your box inside an entryway.  Be sure to leave any special instructions in the comments section when you check-out. Unfortunately FreshFix cannot refund or replace boxes that go missing after we deliver them. We also give a delivery range and if you will not be home during that range or within a few hours afterwards, we suggest that you leave a cooler out for your produce on particularly hot days. Our team will happily transfer your items to the cooler.

Managing Your Membership

Each year (on the anniversary of when you sign up), we charge a small membership fee to cover the cost of the boxes that your produce is delivered in.  If you are no longer able to receive your FreshFix box, all you have to do is choose to "skip" any upcoming deliveries.  If your situation changes, you can always unskip without having to pay the membership fee again.  If you decide that FreshFix just isn't for you, we will cancel your membership.  Once cancelled, you will no longer be able to place orders and your membership will not renew.

All memberships are renewed each year on your sign up date.  When your membership renews you will automatically be charged the $20 membership fee.  

NOTE: Members who joined before March 2018 will have their membership renew in April each year rather than on their sign up date. Members who joined between November 2017 and March 2018 will not be charged in April 2018, their first membership renewal will occur in April 2019.

Unreturned Boxes

As a FreshFix customer, part of your responsibility is returning your box to your coordinator each week.  If you fail to return your box, we will make every effort to remind you.  Excessive unreturned boxes (more than two) will be subject to a $5 per box replacement fee which will be charged to your credit card on file.