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Manage Your Schedule

Use our member website to stop deliveries when you will be out of town or don't want a box. You will receive a weekly e-mail on Friday with the next week's box contents.

You have until Sunday at 9 pm. to change your box or customize your order.

Subscribe Online

Sign-up online via our member site  You pay $20 to become a member for the next year. When you sign-up you will choose your delivery area and the type of box you would like to receive each week.

When you become a FreshFix member you will receive a weekly box of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables delivered to your door.  It’s easy to manage your delivery schedule online and skip any week you want.  You pay week-to-week and are only charged for the food you receive.  Do nothing and you will receive your favorite box of produce automatically or spend a few minutes each week to customize your own box.  FreshFix offers different box sizes and organic options to meet your family’s needs.  You will also be able to add-on additional items like fresh bread, local meat and cheese, jam and other locally produced food items.  Our weekly newsletter with recipes and produce tips will help you use the produce in your box to create delicious meals.

Customize Your Order

Each Friday you receive a weekly e-mail with a choice of boxes for the week.  Do nothing and you will receive the box that you chose when you sign-up.  Or you can switch to a different box, add-on additional items or swap out an item you don't want.

How it Works

Why FreshFix?

  • Get fresh local food delivered to your door

  • Skip any week you want

  • Only pay for the food you receive

  • Customize your order with add-ons

  • Support local farmers and producers

  • Enjoy simple healthy recipes and produce storing and preparation tips

Get Your Fix!

Will will deliver your box on Wednesday or Thursday. You don't have to be home, just leave out last week's box so we can re-use it. Or leave out a cooler and we will place your food in it. And finally... make simple delicious meals using tips and recipes in our newsletter!

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