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If you do nothing, you will still receive your regular weekly box.

If you want to swap out an item, add-on extra produce or fully customize your box (FlexFix), logon to the webstore and select "my next order" then follow the steps below.

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Using the Webstore: How to Customize Your Order

Here is where you can swap out items you  don't like. First click "select items."  On the left there is a drop down menu of items that are currently in the box.  Select the item you want to remove.  Then, on the right you will select an item to replace it with.  If you want to select a specific replacement, you will pay a small feel.  If you are willing to have it replaced with a surprise item, you don't pay anything extra.  Surprise items may be any produce in the webstore including an extra share of something that is already in your box. Click "go to next step" to continue.

NOTE: You can only swap out one item.  If there is more than one item in your box that you don't want, we recommend you build a custom FlexFix box or switch to a different box.


You have the option to add on extra produce, bread, meat or any of our artisan items. You can scroll down the page to see everything or if you know what you want you can use the search function at the top.  You can also filter by category or by tags (organic, salad items, fruit etc.).

Once you are done adding extra items to your box, you need to scroll all the way to the bottom and click "go to next step." If at any time you want to see what is in your cart or remove items, just click the blue "subtotal" button in the top right hand corner.

Even though you chose a weekly box when you signed up, you still have the option to change it any week you want.  On the first page of the webstore, you will select the box (or boxes) you want this week.  Even if you don't want to get a different box, you need to go through this step in order to make a swap or add on produce.  

On this page you can see what is in each box. If you don't like any of the options, select the FlexFix to bulid your own fully customized box.  After you add a box to your cart, scroll to the bottom and click "go to next step."

NOTE: Whatever box you choose here will replace your regular weekly box.  You are not ordering a second box.

On the last page you will have the opportunity to review your order and change anything you want.  If it looks good, go ahead and click "submit order."

After your order is submitted you should recieve a confirmation e-mail. You will not be charged for your order until Monday morning so you have until Sunday at 9 pm. to go back and change anything you want.  

If you want to check your next order, just click on the "my next order tab" at the top of the webstore.  If you scroll down, you will see an option to change your order.

Note: You will only see an order listed in the "my next order" area if you go through this process and place a custom order.  If you don't, you can just expect to receive your regular weekly box.

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