FreshFix FAQs

How does this program work?

When you become a FreshFix member, you will choose a box which you will receive each week unless you change it or choose to skip that week.  This will be your weekly box.  Do nothing, and you will automatically receive your favorite box delivered to your door each week.  Each week, you will receive an email by Friday letting you know what produce will be in your box the following week, and what other produce and add-on items are available.  You have the option to customize your order by choosing a different box, swapping out items you don't want, or adding additional produce items or add-ons to your box.  You can even choose to skip an upcoming delivery.  You pay week-to-week so you are only charged for the food you receive.  You will have the option to make changes to your order from Friday to Sunday at 9 PM. 

Do I have to commit to the whole season?

No, you can cancel at any time.  If you are no longer able to receive your FreshFix box, all you have to do is choose to "skip" the rest of the season.  If your situation changes and you want to start receiving boxes again, you can always “un-skip” without having to pay another membership fee.  If you would like to permanently cancel your membership, simply e-mail us.  All cancellations must be made by the Sunday preceding the upcoming week's order.  Cancellations entered after Sunday at 9 pm will be effective for the following order period.

All memberships are automatically renewed each season, and all members are billed the annual membership fee prior to the start of the season.  But don’t worry, we will give you plenty of notice so that you won’t be charged if you aren’t planning to renew. 

Where do you deliver?

Right now we deliver to most of Buffalo, NY and the surrounding suburbs.  When you sign up you can enter the zip code you would like your delivery to.  If we are already delivering to your neighborhood, we will get you signed up right away.  If we aren't in your neighborhood yet, we will take your information and see if any of our coordinators can deliver to you. 

If we aren't delivering to your neighborhood yet, you may want to consider becoming a community coordinator.  Coordinators get paid to share FreshFix with their friends, family and co-workers.

What is the Membership fee for?

Each season we charge a small membership fee to cover the cost of the boxes in which your produce is delivered.  When you sign-up, we will confirm that your address is in our delivery zone.  Once we confirm your membership, you will be charged the membership fee.  Membership is automatically renewed each year and the membership fee is billed to your credit card.  But don’t worry, we will give you plenty of notice before we do that.

Do I get to choose my box each week?

When you become a member, you pick your favorite box size and type.  If you do nothing, that box of produce will be automatically delivered to your door each week.  The contents of your box will change week to week depending on what is available from our farmers.  When you receive our weekly e-mail, it will tell you what will be in your box the following week.  If you decide you want a different box or want to customize your box, you can visit our webstore.  If you want to 

When do you deliver?

Currently, we deliver on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  After you sign up, we will let you know your delivery day based on your neighborhood and the coordinator who is delivering to you.

What if I don't like something in my box?

We are happy to swap out an item that your family does not eat.  Simply go to our webstore and select the swap option when you check-out. You also have the option to fully customize your order with any produce or other food items you want.

What is your policy on allergies?

Unfortunately, we are unable to use separate boxes for members with sensitivities.  You could choose to order a box that did not contain an item that you are allergic to, however, we couldn't guarantee that there wasn't residue in any box since they are recycled back to us each week from members.

What forms of payment do you accept?

At this time, we only accept credit and debit card orders through our website.  When you become a FreshFix member, you set up an account with a card on file that will automatically be billed each week.  

Are You a Current Customer?

Have questions about ordering or managing your account.  Check out our customer help section.

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