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What does it mean to eat local?

Why Eat Local?

‚ÄčEating and shopping locally is a growing trend nationwide, but choosing local food is more than a passing fad... it supports our economy, helps our environment and ensures we have eat the freshest, most delicious food possible.

Eating local means different things to different people.  You need to choose the definition of local that works best for you.

 Here are some ways people make local eating work for them:

  • Only eating food that is produced in your state or within a certain radius of where you love.  At FreshFix we buy produce from farms that are located within 100 miles of Buffalo, NY
  • Buying produce locally when it is in season, but get it from other sources when it is not available in your area
  • You may choose to get all of your perishable goods (produce, meats, dairy and eggs) from local sources, but rely on other sources for your non-perishable items

Why Choose Local Fruits and Vegetables?

  • They taste better.  Local food doesn't need to travel cross country so it can be picked at the peak of freshness and is ready to eat.
  • They are healthier.  The nutritional value or produce degrades the longer it is sitting around.  Food that is picked days or weeks before you get it  may have lost some nutritional value.
  • They are safer.  When food outbreaks occur, the biggest problem is not knowing where they started or whether or not your food is affected.  When you shop locally, you know the source of your food and can more easily avoid foodborne illness.