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Be sure to choose the weekly box option that says "with Fruit" (e.g., FarmFix with FruitFix) to get your extra fruit.  You won't get charged for extra fruit until its available (usually June-November)


Love fruit? During summer you have the option to automatically add 2-3 extra shares of fruit such as peaches, grapes, plums, apples and cherries. Fruit will be organic/spray free when possible.

Price: $12-$13/week* added to the cost of your weekly box


Want the flexibility of choosing your own produce? Customize your box with any combination of fresh local or organic fruits and vegetables available that week.  Order at least $35 of produce to get the best value!

Price: Varies

When you sign up, you will choose a FamilyFix, OrganicFix or FarmFix as your "default" weekly box, but when you order you can choose from any of the box options in our webstore that week or create your own FlexFix

Boxes and Pricing

When you become a FreshFix member you will select one box subscription to receive each week. This will be your weekly box that you will automatically receive if you don't make changes or skip.  Each week on Friday receive an e-mail about what will be in each box the following week.  You have until Sunday to visit our webstore to choose a different box, swap items or completely customize your box.


Each box will include 5-7 different locally grown and certified organic fruits and vegetables.  This box is best for households of 2-3 people (or 1-2 veggie lovers). Want even more? You can always add-on additional organic items from the webstore. 

Price: $25-$27/week*


Each box will include 6-10 different locally grown fruits and vegetables.  This box is best for households of 3-4 people (or 2 veggie lovers). This box will have larger portions and additional products.  Want even more?  You can always add-on additional items from the webstore. 

Price: $29-$31/week*


Live alone or don't have a lot of time to cook?  This box is the best option for households of 1-2 people. Each box will include 4-6 different locally grown vegetables. A fruit will be included when possible.  Want more fruit? You can add a fruit share to your order. 

Price: $20-22/week*

*Box prices may vary slightly from week to week  and by location